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HYDRA Services aims to be at the forefront of technology by offering quality products and services. This includes:
Trend Controls
Niagara N4 Supervisor
Network Security



Services focused on customer support, optimisation and outcome delivery are the core structure for our business. 

Why HYDRA Services?

HYDRA Services combines our joint knowledge of HVAC Systems as well our vast experience with Trend / Tridium BMS Platforms to offer customers a complete solution.

Contract Benefits

  • Priority Service
  • Contract hourly rates
  • 24 Hr After Hours Support
  • Maintenance Schedule Services

Reduced Interruptions

There is nothing worse for the operation of your business than downtime and interruptions caused by the HVAC system not working.

By performing regular maintenance on systems and having their operation tested, optimised and confirmed by a qualified and competent technician.

Options to Suit Your Budget

HYDRA Services is working with all the major brands to secure the ideal products to provide your site with an optimised solution that fits within your budget.

This includes short-term and long-term budget targets and staged delivery to meet project deadlines.

Contact Us

HYDRA Services Pty Ltd
P: (02) 9829-2775
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.